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Handle TaskPaper templates and export projects to various plain text formats

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Taskbone enhances Todoist by allowing you to import projects and tasks from the popular Taskpaper plain-text format. Simply write down your tasks and projects using plain text, and Taskbone will import them into Todoist as individual items. Use TaskPaper notation to assign labels, due dates, and priorities. You can import them as a one-off list or maintain templates within the description of Todoist tasks.

With the Taskbone extension for Todoist, you can also export your projects to various formats, such as TaskPaper, Markdown, or Todo.txt. Taskbone also offers a plugin for the note-taking app Obsidian that allows a convenient two-way sync between them.


  • Import your tasks and projects from a plain text format into Todoist with just a few clicks.

  • Maintain project templates directly in Todoist within task descriptions to set up recurring projects or tasks with predefined structures.

  • Export your projects as TaskPaper, Markdown, or Todo.txt to use them as templates for other applications or workflows.

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