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Do you get tired of switching between multiple tabs transferring information to create tasks or report bugs? Or often find yourself postponing or forgetting to make notes or reminders? Look no further!

Markurz is a browser extension that will turn your browser into a productivity powerhouse. Simply mark anything on your web browser to create tasks, bug reports, notes, and reminders across multiple productivity apps without ever leaving your current workflow.

Integrate Markurz with Todoist, and you can highlight content and directly create tasks from your web browser. A link to the marked content will automatically be added to the task, so you can always refer back to the source. No more sifting back and forth between tabs, allowing you to stay focused and productive.


  • Browser extension to create tasks, report bugs, and jot down important notes and reminders.

  • Highlight content and directly create Todoist tasks from your web browser.

  • Tasks and details created from marked content are seamlessly integrated into Todoist.

  • Links to the marked content are automatically included in the tasks, making it easy to refer back to the original source.

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