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Enchantments for Todoist

Quantify your workload and level up your productivity.

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Level up your productivity with additional features designed to further enhance your Todoist. With the Enchantments for Todoist extension for Google Chrome, you can quantify your workload by assigning points to each task in Todoist. You’ll be able to see the total number of points for a project (in project view), a day (in Today view), completed tasks (in the activity log), and for tasks in your Inbox. Use the points to help you estimate a project, plan your workload, and track your productivity.


  • Quantify your workload with assigned points for each task.

  • Calculate the size of every project, so you can estimate your time better.

  • Monitor your progress by tracking your daily productivity score in the activity log.

  • Quickly open tasks in a new tab with a single click for better multitasking.

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