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Turn your new tab and sidebar into a productivity dashboard.

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Dashy is an all-in-one productivity extension for Chrome and Firefox. It transforms your new tab, Chrome side panel, or Firefox sidebar into custom productivity dashboards with widgets for dozens of productivity tools. With Dashy, you can simultaneously access Todoist, calendar, notes, bookmarks, news, podcasts, weather, and more from your new tab or sidebar/side panel. With so many useful tools and apps available in one space, you can get more done with fewer open tabs.

Sync your Todoist account with the corresponding Dashy widget to access and manage all of your projects, sections, tasks, and sub-tasks without having to navigate to a different tab or web page. With the Dashy extension and Todoist integration, your to-do list has never been easier to access!


  • Transform your new tab and sidebar/side panel into a productivity workspace.

  • Have instant access to your Todoist account to quickly manage tasks.

  • Create, organize, and complete tasks from the Todoist widget.

  • Choose from dozens of other productivity tools and apps for your dashboard.

  • Organize your browser with Dashy Bookmarks and Tab Manager widgets.

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